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>> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> police shoot and kill a man sparking protests in san francisco. two different accounts of what led to the shooting. plus, casey and then he is a free woman this morning. greeted by protesters and supporters as she walks out of jail. the next legal challenges she faces. and making history with public education. we talked to the senator behind the law to introduce gay contributions to history lessons here in california. strike it is 7:30 on sunday, july 17th. i am ann notarangelo. phil matier has the morning off. we are delighted to have you with us. >> thank you. >> you are pulling some double duty this weekend. we appreciate it.
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it sounds like the weather is similar to what we were saying yesterday. >> similar, but we expect warm up. this is good news. we have temperatures that are going to be warming up quite a bit by the middle of the work week, but we do have a couple days of cooler temperatures to contend with. that's due to a low pushing into the close. we see plenty of clubs working their way over the forecast region. also voiced her. we did the drizzle along the bay. i certainly saw someone i was turning in. we will see some drizzle for the morning hours along the coast, and that fog really mixing up later today, but for the most part we start up cloudy, dark, and drizzle with a bit of a warm-up area not much of a warm-up. it will be rather cool until the middle of the week. >> we will hear more about that coming up. in the meantime, topping our news, community members outraged by another officer involved shooting. one man died after officers shot him several times. it happened in front of a huge crowd of people, many who caught it on cell phone cameras.
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overnight dozens of people, as you can see here, marched through the mission district for testing the san francisco police department. officers say some people were throwing trash into the street, others knocking over newspaper racks, but no arrests were made. according to police, the man was being questioned for not paying a fair for immunity. officers say the man threw a gun and opened fire on them, but bill just as reports, some witnesses tell a very different story. >> reporter: listen closely and you can hear two cops. trevor dickson says he turned his camera on just after the cops fired their first flurry. >> they entered from around the corner, the first of the shots. by the time we saw the officer did in front of us, he gave him the last two shots while he was already down. >> some night shots total? >> yes area >> it happened in front of dozens of witnesses, a match up by at least two officers are you
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several people tell cbs 5, the man was running from police and they shot him from behind. >> it all started behind a transfer are you the young man did not have the amount to pay his fare. it started off with a chase. and that up with a chase. they shot him down like an animal. >> police say two officers were conducting a fair inspection on immunity train, that's when they detained a man on the platform area for some reason the man took off running. in that during the course of the-foot pursuit, we believe the suspect fired backwards of officers. the officers returned fire in self-defense the suspect was struck and wounded. >> man later died at the hospital. witnesses are so serious they loudly shouted down. >> the officers were not injured. >> that's a lie, that's a lie. >> investigation is ongoing. >> he's a liar and a killer.
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>> did he fire at police questioning several neighbors tell us that wasn't the case. so was a weapon ever recover? >> have you found his weapon? and i don't have any information on the weapon at this time. >> any showcases customer >> i don't have any information at this time. and it -- >> officers involved in the shooting have been placed on leave. the shooting is being investigated by the homicide detail, internal affairs, district attorneys office him and office of citizen complaints. new this morning, the woman who used to edit the news of the world in britain was arrested. rebecca brooks was the part where rocks british see a old was arrested while at a police station in london. and bribery of police. that arrest comes two days before
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they are scheduled to answer questions from a parliament rate committee. only a few feet of a when a police officer shot and tell them. now his best friend is also dead. the victim of a shooting. someone caught -- summa shot and killed him friday in hayward. the suspects ran away from the scene. he has not been caught yet. please do not believe the shooting was random. >> it happened in broad daylight . i don't know. it's just dumb. >> now, he is seen in the cell phone video. that is him wearing the grey hoodie on the left of your screen. he was approaching officers and then walking away when officers ordered him to back off. it was moments after that that grant was shot. he filed a lawsuit claiming caldwell had a significant criminal background. a woman in san jose is dead
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after being hit by a minivan last night. it happened on around a quarter to 10 between old telly and am burger road. the woman was walking on the highway when she was hit. she was pronounced dead after police arrived. the driver of the dodge caravan stated this team, and she is talking to investigators. a man is arrested accused of making to threats against barbara boxer. kevin o'connell is being held on $500,000 bill. the 47-year-old man was arrested yesterday near his home. they say he left threatening messages on voicemail at senator boxer's office. foreclosures slowed for the first half of the year, but there are still plenty of homes on the auction block. some of those homes are for auction yesterday in oakland, home buyers were looking for a once-in-a-lifetime deal. a lot of them came with cash in hand. >> i have been saving a long time to don't buy unnecessary items.
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>> now gone, and the water, no magazines. many of these homes sold for just a fraction of their value. in california, the stats right now, one out of every 51 homes received a foreclosure notice over the past six months. after spending more than two years behind bars, casey anthony is free. she was released from jail at around midnight last night. authority give up the jury acquitted anthony earlier this month. people outraged over the verdict have lost anthony's lawyers concerned for her safety. >> she is not going to be free like you and i are anybody else watching will be free. whose face is better known in this country than hers? >> even though anthony has served her time, her legal problems are not over. two people have filed lawsuits against her in connection with that
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case. the debt crisis continues in washington dc. today on face the nation, bob schieffer interviewing one of the men at the negotiating table, senator durbin. on the other side of the tom coburn and mark rubio. that's on face the nation right after our broadcast coming up at 8:30. a new change on on the way for general david pitcher is. he leaves afghanistan tomorrow and will begin his new job as head of the cia on september six. the generals plans on side with india over security to the afghan forces. check this out. any barking volcanic in indonesia has forced thousands out of their homes. hot lava was sent to nearly 10,000 feet into the air. you can see the huge cloud. more than 4500 people have evacuated the area since apple came up again erupting on friday. team usa taking on japan in today's finals of the women's
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world cup. kickoff time, a love and 45:00 a.m. this is the first time japan has made it to the final period for team usa, this could be their first world cup victory since 1999. they are going to have a big screen in effect at the civic center if you want to check that out. festivities start at 11:00 this morning. >> everybody has been worried about armageddon, but san francisco is really dealing with a broad closure of its own. yeah, senator mark leno's contribution of gay and lesbian communities and the challenges they face as a polling booth. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the golden gate bridge this morning. >> a live look across the golden gate bridge. you will want to give yourself
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some actual time if you're planning on crossing that bridge this link are you southbound and northbound connections to the golden gate bridge in sentences of our close right now. so is the macarthur tunnel. that's part of the construction project area during tonight's closure, they will complete the transition from temporary traffic lanes to the new permanent drought. everything is scheduled to reopen this morning at 11:00. certainly, avoid that area. looks like traffic is running rather smoothly, but certainly doing it all under a layer of fog. >> a thick layer of fog this money. we do have some drizzle out there as well for parts of the forecast region. what we can expect is flawed for the next couple of hours. it will mix out, but not for a while. let's take a look outside. i can show you what i'm talking about here. you got that thick layer of fog currently at about 3000 feet
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deep. it's a pretty thick layer here. basically, as it moves on in ahead of that low, it is bringing us play a major. here is a lovely shot of the bay bridge. we are sounds and some fog around the bay bridge are you again, it will mix out later on in the day. as we move into san jose, if we got a wonderful shot. some low-level and mid-level clouds will hold steady for the next couple of hours you again, as sun comes out, it will try things out. for the most part, we see a cloudy start to your day or that also, a foggy search of the day. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. we see some condensation on the lunch. we are also seeing drizzle. a lot of moisture there due to the low pushing on in area unseasonably low for this time of year. here's a good look at the satellite image. we can see how thick that fog layer is moving inland are you this will hold steady for the next few hours, but then we will clear up i later on today. for this morning, we do have seabreeze making its way on shore are you that flow work its way out and will increase wind speeds,
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sun and clouds, and it's a foggy's art for the day. eventually once all the fog starts to dry out, here is a look at the low pressure system pushing on down there yet as it makes with its way toward the coast, it is actually listing all of those clouds. all of that instability. this is what is giving us the drizzle for the morning hours. our current temperatures are pretty mild. 50s and 60s. we warm up just a little bit, but we are trending below average for today and tomorrow. here is a look at our forecast. we are seeing that it clears out eventually area we do have a few hours to contend with her as far as the clouds go. 65 is the expected high for today. and game day, we've got the oakland a's playing very at 64 and partly cloudy area let's take a look at your expected highs for today. we've the temperatures trending below average. high 50s and 60s for the coast
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as we take a look at brentwood. let's take a look at math and. -- take a look at napa. keeping it in the high 50s for today. here's a look at york center forecast. not much to talk about as far as warmer conditions, but by wednesday we start to see the high pressure ridge push back just a little bit. that means warmer temperatures by the middle of the week you we end the week on the warmer now. >> thanks so much. several neighborhoods in san francisco are a little cleaner after hundreds of volunteers got down and dirty. more than 300 volunteers painted over graffiti and pick up litter in neighborhoods like bayview, portola, and visitation valley. also in attendance, san francisco mayor ed lee who was asked about his future in politics, once again. >> the work of the mayor is so intense, especially right now
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when we are trained to pay attention to what the state is doing. that kind of work on a day-to- day basis keeps me very busy. >> we can get an answer on that caution. he says he's been so busy. he has not had time to think about launching a campaign. we know that others have started that process for him. so we shall see. california poised to become the first in the nation to the required a history lessons in school. in the meantime, phil matier did sit down and chat with san francisco state senator about making history with his legislation. >> the morning. joining us is a man who made history this past week for you san francisco state senator mark leno. the reason is -- >> the governor signed into law a bill that we offer that will require that the contributions be included in our school curriculums are you. >> you are talking about gay
7:47 am
americans, trans gender's. they be included in the school curriculum? what grades? >> k-12. >> in an age-appropriate fashion, of course. >> how is this going to be brought into the schools? >> it is really talking about a chapter of civil rights history that is currently being excluded from our history books. and for no good reason. we already include the histories of african-americans, asian- americans, european americans. this will include gay americans. >> when we are talking about this, are we talking about history, civics, or life stuff customer in other words, it is it the civil rights movement at the junior high school level, or daddy and his two moms at the kindergarten and first and 2nd grade levels customer exactness as drexel be decided above my head at this will board level.
7:48 am
it's for the particulars to the amendment of our textbook. the lesson plan, what actually happens in the classroom, that will be decided at the local levels through the school districts. public process, public comment are you that will start 2012. >> what if school districts don't want to? >> they will be required to. >> if this bill starts out, you just didn't want negative images and the text book. we want it mandated that it be taught. so should the school and state -- should lawmakers be timed school districts want to teach? >> as i said, we already require that they history and the contribution and all these other american subgroups be included. that is in the education code today. we are just adding gay americans. >> and the other objection that some have is that this is a lifestyle issue versus a civil
7:49 am
rights. are you putting forward, as one of the public and said to me, the gay agenda? >> if the gay agenda is making sure that i can be treated under the law as a first-class citizen as we have been fighting for decades and decades. >> and windows the start? >> january 1st 2012 this will take effect. >> textbooks take a couple years. >> it's a long process. we won't be talking about reprinting textbooks until 2015. >> will they then submit to the state curriculum for approval to make sure that is keeping with what you guys -- >> no. in fact, those kinds of decisions will be decided at the local school district level. so the way it is taught in modesto they be different than san diego. we already have this inclusive kind of education at the synthesis of school district. where they already do this we have lower levels of arrest meant, physical assault. this is good for schools making them safer places so kids can
7:50 am
come and actually learn and not have to be looking around to see if there are about to get shot. >> when the governor called, what did he say question asked them if he said he was happy to do this. >> are you getting a lot of calls from talk shows and stuff to talk about it? >> i am fighting them off. you are my first. >> thanks for stopping by. >> back to you. >> we certainly are glad to see them. coming up, the a's and angels play their first pre-scheduled doubleheader in eight years. and some extra innings per game two. ,,,,,,,, [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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thousands of soccer fans turned out.. for a match between ma >> last night there was again at at&t park. for once it wasn't baseball. thousands of soccer fans turned out for a match between dan chester city from the english premier league and club america from the primera division in mexico. it's all part of the world football challenge or that it's a friendly tenet being held around the u.s. and british colombia. >> for me it's a big deal because it's the first time i've come to the at&t park. i'm a big fan of the giants. i really wanted to come to the old park. >> maybe next time you can actually see the giants. manchester city one match 2-0.
7:54 am
this was the first soccer game at at&t park in more than six years. crews are converting the feel back to baseball now so it will be ready for a giants-dodgers game tomorrow night. in sports, teams as they taking on japan today in the finals of the women's soccer world cup. in baseball action, the a's won one and was one in a doubleheader created very zero runs into some problems down in san diego. >> a morning. barry zito has been flying high since coming off the disabled list. she came crashing down to earth last night in san diego. he struggled at right out of the gate walking two and the first and then giving up a three-run homer to former giant prospect jesus is mine. in the third inning, he gives up another three-run shot. he gets knocked out in the fourth and gives up eight runs. but, giants a lot-3. the a's and angels played two at the coliseum area.
7:55 am
the angels won 4-2. but the a's would get even in the nightcap. scott sizemore delivers a walkoff single in the tenth. his 15th rbi since joining the a's into june. they beat the angels 4-2. dustin johnson tied for the low round of the date. a two under 68 to move within one shot of the lead. 42-year-old darren clarke began the day tied with lucas glover. he and all alone in first area one under 69. he drops clark to five under for for the trim it. of the book at sports. we will see tonight at 5:30. >> we have been talking about one of the things in the news business that you hear over and over. we are preparing for something. a big shutdown of one of los angeles large freeways.
7:56 am
the mayor took to the skies. you can see them there. he is in full disaster mode checking out the 405 by topper. check out what he saw below. this is a live look right now at the anti-freeway and not much else. things were a lot less true medic then predicted. months after warnings about a traffic nightmare while it was closed for sure, traffic worries over big sporting events like david beckham and the l.a. galaxy is facing off, but no traffic problems being reported. it looks that everybody kind of heated warnings. was a bad night for the giants in san diego are you still, things are looking up for the team area that we will talk about that coming up here in the next half-hour. checking in with the team's president about what we can expect for the giants at at&t park. and, remember these lines in san francisco? the online deals snapped up by hungry diners. and what companies need to do to bring them back for more. we'll be right back.
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shooting by police officers in >> here watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high-definition. >> caught on tape. a deadly shooting by police officers in san francisco. what police say led to the shooting in a different story told by witnesses. plus, san jose getting federal help in its fight against ants -- against gangs.
8:00 am
nor can post will join us live. and an amazing deal for hungry customers, but is it worth it for businesses? next, the pros and cons of using online sites like social media. welcome back to weekend early edition. it is a on july 17th. i am ann notarangelo. phil matier has the morning off, as does jim bernard. >> it's actually fun here being here this morning. the stock about the weather. well, there is a warm up in store, but it's not going to happen for just a couple days. we are still seem cooler temperatures below average. he turned below average for the next couple of days, but by wednesday, it's not going to look that bad after all. here's a good look outside. we are seeing that fog kind of enveloping the coaster et al. are you in the bay area it will mix out, but as we take a look at our satellite image, we can see that there's plenty of instability working its way into the forecast region. if you have your detailed forecast. in the meantime, back to you.
8:01 am
>> love your enthusiasm. san francisco police and the community at odds after officers shot and killed a man who tried to jump on any plane. it happened yesterday in front of a huge crowd of people. many who caught on their cell phone cameras. overnight, dozens of people marched through the missions district protesting because of this. officers say some people were throwing trash onto the streets, others knocking over newspaper racks. no arrests were made in the protest. officers convicted of routine inspection in the bay view district. it happened in the afternoon. you are looking at cell phone video right now. one witness captured that on his cell phone camera, but much of it is too graphic to show up. police say two officers assigned to a violence reduction program were checking out passengers fares. they detained a man on the platform and they say he took off running.
8:02 am
>> it all started behind the transfer. the young man did not have the amount you pay his fare. it started off with the chase. it ended up with a chase with them taking this chance and shooting him in his back. they shot him down like an animal. >> police say the man was firing backward at the officers as he ran and they were firing back in self-defense. but several witnesses say the suspect never fired at police. a department spokesman will not say whether or not a weapon was recovered or even any shell casings. that suspect later died at a hospital. a woman in san jose is dead after being hit by a minivan last night. it happened around 9:45 on monterey highway. the woman was walking on the highway when she was hit. she was pronounced dead soon after police arrived. the driver of the dodge caravan did stay at the scene, and she has been talking to investigators. two and a half years after the shooting death of his best friend oscar grant, john two, was murdered himself. the 25-year-old was shot while
8:03 am
he was sitting in a car in gas station. someone just walked up to him and fired several shots. that suspect then ran away. he has not been caught for you police say the shooting was not random. today the woman who used to edit the news of the world in britain was arrested. rebecca brooks, who resigned on friday as rupert murdoch's ceo was arrested while at a london police station. the arrest comes two days after brooks, rupert murdoch, and his son were scheduled to answer questions in a parliamentary committee. foreclosure didst well for the first half of the year, but there are still plenty of homes on the auction block. an auction website was putting some of those homes up for sale yesterday in oakland. lawyers were looking for a once-in-a-lifetime deal while the banks were hoping to cut some of their losses. >> you are going to lose an
8:04 am
arm. they don't want to lose a leg. >> many of the homes go for a fraction of their value for you in california, one out of every 51 homes received a foreclosure notice over the past six months. the clock is ticking on the nation's debt crisis. if the president and congress don't come to an agreement, u.s. could face higher interest rates on its debt. that could have a real impact on all of our wallet. >> reporter: credit rating agencies are putting the treasury department under the gun as they decide whether to strip the u.s. of its coveted triple-a credit status. thursday standard employers threatened. there is a 50 piece and chance it could lower the rating within 90 days. wednesday, investors service placed the u.s. bond rating on the view for possible downgrade. >> i'm getting more and more worried about not raising the debt. this is increasingly approaching the unprecedented. >> talks between credit rating
8:05 am
agencies and the federal government are not necessarily unusual. as chief washington correspondent, peter cook, says. >> at the end of the day, it's their names on these ratings, their own reputation. you have to make the dutchman called a believe is right. >> what worries the charger is any change in the credit rating that would spike interest rates on u.s. debt. just a half percentage before interest creates -- increase would cost roughly $850 k $5,850,000,000,000 over the next decades. low-risk investors would be forced to dump u.s. bonds. a massive hit two americans reputations and the rocksolid investments. >> to have to have something triple-a rated. if it's not triple-a rated, they have to not hold it. >> this knocking pressure is another reality check or democrats and republicans struggling to find common ground. >> to go into next week, we haven't seen any act should.
8:06 am
i think financial markets are going to grow increasingly unrestful. >> president obama gave congressional leaders a deadline of today too, with deficit reduction plants that could actually pass. so far no indication of an agreement. >> after spending more than two years behind bars, casey anthony is a free woman this morning. large cloud -- crowds gathered outside the jail. she was released around midnight. a florida jury acquitted anthony earlier this month on charges that she killed her two-year-old daughter. even though anthony has served her time, she will soon be back in court. two people have filed lawsuits against her in connection with the case. this week an incredible deal has said that cisco diners waiting in very long lines for lunch. all for the chance of paying $1 for a meal. all part of a new feature for the website living social, but did it work? did those foods that have been loyal customers customers
8:07 am
hollywood, executive editor and director taking a look at the pros and cons of these online promotions. >> i think anytime that a business has a good deal, they are definitely going to get the traffic on a day or the days that they have a dell. the real question is, what do they do to keep those customers coming back customer if businesses are smart, they are using facebook and twitter and asking people when they come in, sign up for our facebook page so you can get more information. the fact is, a lot of times people really are deal hunting just that one day or just that one week, it is hard, especially if you are a local business in a local neighborhood to get a big loyalty above ought of a promotion like this. if you are thinking about getting involved like group on, you want to do your research first. if you are a local business, you might find that it doesn't have a long-term impact. you might find that a revenue share isn't in your interest.
8:08 am
you do want to be careful. people are sort of lowly starting to say, you know, restaurants are losing money on these deals are you the people who use the living social coupons don't always have a great experience. i think it's kind of -- i think businesses wanted to read carefully. it can be a great thing, but you need to do your research first. >> another important point, businesses need to offer the product turned everyone will offer some type of great go, but it's a quality product or service that will bring people back, not just the coupon. coming up that, the good, the bad, and the beard. we will check in with the giants for their future plans for the team president. first, protecting up republican with federal health. next, we look at the state of public safety. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:09 am
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>> well, cool and foggy conditions for this morning, but there is a warm up in-store or yet i've got your full forecast coming up area ,,,,
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>> grab a jacket, and maybe grab an umbrella. >> i'm broke customer at. >> a little bit. maybe some drizzle of there. it's always better to be safe then sorry. we do see some drizzle for this morning. as we take a look outside, wonderful shot. we are seeing those low-level clouds. that patchy fog goes up over the coast and the day. and really reaching far inland. as we take a look at our satellite image, what we can see as we will have a lot of that fog starting to build due to a low pressure system pushing over the coast. what we can expect here is conditions that will just be very cloudy and foggy, and then we will see warm or temperatures and clear temperatures as well. let's take a look at our satellite image. here's a look at what i'm talking about. we do have conditions building up off the coast. that low is dipping on down ticking of that moisture.
8:13 am
as we can see, we can take a look at the low digging deep. this is what is bringing all of that drizzle. we are getting that list that we need in order to produce that drizzle for the morning hours. like i mentioned, grab a jacket or you grab an umbrella just to be safe area conditions will dry out as the day continues. here is a look at what we could expect for this money. dusty conditions inland. some fog to start leading to partly cloudy conditions for the day. we do have that a breeze along the coast. kind of address right now are pretty mild. we've got 50s and low 60s all around. we see a one-out, of course, as the sun comes out. for the most part, we are really going to stay below average for today. our pinpoint for cash showing us by later on this afternoon, we clear up as far as fog goes, but conditions are displayed to be foggy and cloudy for much of the date. as we take a look at our aids walk forecast, 55 degrees partly cloudy and breezy conditions due to the onshore flow of that low pressure system. game time for the oakland a's,
8:14 am
while 5:00 p.m. partly cloudy and breezy conditions. now let's take a look at your expected highs for today. if these and 60s along the coast, and we are really going to max out in the 80s for the inland areas. pittsburgh at 80. 60s for the day. sonoma at 74. san francisco, the expected high for today, 65 degrees or your foggy conditions to start. eventually clearing out, but for the most part we see low clouds for today. a warm up in-store by wednesday. let's take a look at what you can expect. lingering through friday and into saturday, obama and stored. back to you. >> all right. thanks for that area of san jose getting federal help on its war on violent crimes, but it's a resort that thousands of people -- resource that thousands don't want. we hear from groups that say
8:15 am
many undocumented workers are more afraid to call police in order to report crimes or be witnesses. that's because of two new immigration agents helping with the department with gang investigations. for more on this emotional issue for community members and police, nora campos joining us live this morning are you thanks for being here today. we know you used to be a city council member in san jose for 10 years. now you are in the state assembly. obviously, san jose is close to your heart. tell us about the problems going on. we have seen the murder rate just skyrocket this year. >> you are absolutely right. i was on the council for 10 years. it is where my base is at. when i am involved in issues that pertain to ticking sure that public safety continues to happen in san jose, it's a priority. it should be a priority for our current mayor. you know, you brought up about ice for you to understand why we are where we are today, you have to understand how we got here. in 2008, the mayor made a huge
8:16 am
promise to increase police officers by 100 police officers. >> we've just seen police cuts. >> we saw 67 police officers have been cut. in 2010, he also cut the violent crimes unit, which actually handled the gang activity. this past year, we know that we are at 22 homicides in the city of san jose. >> which is really an alarming number. at this point, things are seeming rather desperate when it comes to want for it. that's why you called in the ice agents -- not you personally, but that's why the city decided to call in these agents. tell us what they are doing. we are talking about federal agents at work with the police department. >> well, they are doing what one of our units should have been doing. in 1993, we adopted and put a special unit that just handles gang activity. that was cut last year. now they are having to go out
8:17 am
side and the poor resources, but i think the most important thing we need to remember is that in every city, we are all facing these issues where our crime rates are increasing, our homicides are increasing, and public safety should be the number 1 priority for all cities, including one of the cities that is right here in the bay area, the city of san jose. in 2006, we used to be the safest big city in america. >> certainly not the case any longer. to call in these federal agents. a lot of people are concerned about this. a lot of people who are here legally, are afraid they will be targeted id space agency and what do say to that? >> i know that the chief of police has made a public comment that their specific duty is going to be handling the gang activities in the city of san jose. we know that all those 22 crimes that have happened, homicides,
8:18 am
14 of them are gang related. >> but how can witnesses be sure that they are not targeted if somebody else forward to make a statement and a gang-related murder at the agents would not turn around on them? how can people be assured of that? >> it goes back to our mayor and back to her chief of police. they need to make sure that they are putting the checks and balances in place so that citizens can be safe and feel that they can come forward and that they won't be retaliated against. that is why it is so important that the city of san jose continue to make public safety and officers a priority in hiring our own in the city of san jose. >> in the meantime, are you okay with these agents being here? what is your feeling on that personally? >> i have to tell you, personally, i'm concerned that the mayor continues to cut the police force. >> are you okay with agents? >> i have concerns. i have concerns that we are not addressing the issues of the community. everyone should have those concerns. people should feel safe in their city and in their home. >> expert joining us this morning.
8:19 am
we appreciate it. coming up next, taking out of the ballpark. chatting with the giants team president about what is next. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:20 am
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call or come in and talk with us today. >> taking a live look at the 405 freeway down in los angeles. of course, everything clear this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:22 am
8:23 am
will meet with the preisdent at the white hous >> a 23:00. so far so good for san francisco's world champion. what a ride we have taken with the giants over the last year. one week from monday the giants meet with the president of the white house. phil matier checking in with the team's president about what is next for the team and for at&t park. >> good morning. joining us is very bare, president of the san francisco giants. you helped save the team, put
8:24 am
up the ballpark, and we will see what happens next. good morning. >> good morning. that was 20 short years ago. >> that's right. interesting times. we just had the all-star game. we just had the roger clemens mistrial. you are on your way to the white house to celebrate the victory. >> pretty good in san francisco. one week from today -- actually, one week from far away will be at the white house. every team that wins the world championship in their sport goes and does the greeting. this is the trip that workout because we are en route to philadelphia. it's been a good first half. you're just entering the second half. >> you sold out every game? >> yeah. we have some seats left for the second half, but they are going fast. it's been a good result. think in some ways baseball in san francisco as a community venture and as a brand, if you will, has never been stronger. >> what i hear in the coffee shops and bars is the giants are the team. >> well, i think the personalities of the giants have really come through. they have really popped out into
8:25 am
people's consciousness. whether it is the beard or the freak. whatever. >> people are more than love than ever. it was all about barry bonds a couple years ago. it was all about home runs. >> it really is. this is a team that plays close games because it is a pitching intensive team. if you look statistically, you might say that this team shouldn't be in first place, because we are 15th in the league out of 16 in hitting area >> but that wasn't the case last year. last year we will able to do it with very strong and timely hitting. we will see. it's very gratifying to his need of the metamorphosis, if you will, with baseball in san francisco are you. >> i find it fascinating. for a while, the team was in the dumps and they were going to be moving to tampa. you helped to together a group that say them. everyone has rallied around
8:26 am
here. then the stadium was the star, ballpark was the star free than we have a steroid scandal in this new team emerges. just seems to keep rolling along. >> there is some investors that really say the team. in the end, this is what they envision. a ballpark that could be a community gathering place, and every night there would be 40,000 people enjoying the shared experience. that's what baseball can do for a community. it can really promote civic pride. i think we are there now. we just want to try to -- our job is to sustain it and helping people proud. >> speaking of the game, with on the verizon. are we building an arena or anything? you are always looking for something new. what's the next thing? >> we are excited that the neighborhood is probably the fastest-growing neighborhood anywhere in san francisco for sure. the mac i think in northern california. >> may be. mission bay is there. so the giant parking lot right
8:27 am
now is surface parking. there is probably a better economic use for the city of synthesis of then surface parking. we are looking at opportunities that we could include an arena, could include some retail, could include housing, could include a corporate campus. so all of that is being considered. we are talking about a neighborhood within a neighborhood. a new mini city that could be exciting for giants fans to and from and a fun place to live and work. >> giants, more than a sport. whole corporate development. >> very good. thanks for that, phil matier. and the giants in san diego today. the a's are playing and they have a little fog are you. >> fog, breezy conditions, partly cloudy. most important, game time is 1:05 p.m. did you have cooler temperatures for today through wednesday, but i promise there is a warm up
8:28 am
in-store. you will end your week warmer than what you feel today. >> goodness. we will use these former temperatures. of course, we've got an opportunity to wear some sweaters. >> let's do a review. next weekend we actually see 90s. >> that will be a good time to get a pool if we can. taking a look right now live in town l.a. we've been following this all weekend. the 405 was closed all weekend. it reopens tomorrow morning in time for the morning commute area why do we care about this appear? they were afraid that the traffic was going to be very widespread and a nightmare. it turns out things are running very smoothly, as you can see right there from the live picture. thanks for joining us this morning for weekend early edition. face the nation is coming up next. we thank you for being here for jim bernard this money. you will be back tonight. >> of course, i will. >> in the meantime, our next newscast coming up at 5:30. enjoy your sunday. ,, ,,,,,,
8:29 am

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